Adventurer's Mini Notepads

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Steampunk Space Captain Elon: "Ahoy, see these here notation booklets may contained a secret code that unlocks the treasure.  A surprise awaits you."

First Matey Mateese: "Ay, Captain. Tell this guest what they might find in the way of treasure when they procure one of our fine adventurer's notepads."  

Confused Shopper: "Um, I'm sorry. I'm just looking for a gift for my child.  Can someone else help me?  You know what, I will just go buy this on the Neptune website."

Don't be scared away by Captain Elon, he is light year's ahead but speaks like it's 1756. This is the Adventurer's Mini Notepad.  Alas, we have a notepad fit for an adventurer with tiny pockets.  These notepads are the perfect Neptune adventure accessory and the brown paper is a classy touch (you will ooze class with this fancy little notepad).  The super cute adventure note pads are shipped in a random color.  Oh the anticipation!  You and your kids will love these tiny notepads for sketching, drawing, or pretending you are a 16th century cartographer.  If you are allergic to a specific color, please specify with your order and we can try to accommodate your specific color needs.  

Style: Memo Pads
Paper type: Loose Leaf
Color: its a surprise